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Future Kids & The New Reality

A session by Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan
Doctor, Author, Health Coach,

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About this session

How do we raise the new generation of awake, aware, whole, balanced, multidimensional humans? What does the new paradigm of family, education, and parenthood look like?

Join us for this fun and inspiring presentation about humanity's transition into the new reality. Dr. Edith shares the magical backstory of her journey into parenthood. (A sneak preview of her upcoming book "Luminous Kids.") Originally not planning to have children, her and her husband found themselves receiving numerous visits by the soul of their son via dreams and meditations, negotiating for his conception. Today, they are a happy family of 4. The journey has been magical unlike anything she ever imagined. Together with her husband and two children, they're navigating into a beautiful new paradigm that breaks free from old conventional models. What is it like to raise the new generation of sovereign, multidimensional, balanced and aware humans? How do we transition into the new reality as a human family? What is the future of education and parenthood? A joyful and inspiring talk you won't want to miss.


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Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

Holistic Chinese Medicine Doctor, Mama of 2, Author of "SuperWellness" and upcoming book "Luminous Kids."

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