Steven Whybrow

Steven Whybrow


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My Name is Steven Whybrow, and I am a Teacher / Student of Natural Law Principles and ancient Shamanic Knowledge [Gnosticism]. I am half British and half Austrian living in Vienna, Austria. Since May of 2020, I give Public Speeches every week in the Main Square in the City of Linz, Austria. After serving a Notice of Liability about the genocidal, ecocidal and criminal implementation of 5G Technology to every single political Representative of Austria in October 2019 - I decided to further Up the Ante in 2020 by serving a Notice of Liability to the Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen. And that right there is the Heart of the Work that I do. I study Natural Law Principles in depth and then apply that Knowledge towards Taking down the entire satanic-pedophile Mafia-Network of a multi-dimensional Matrix Control System, in order to Take Back the Planet. Does that sound "too grand", "over the top", "over-confident" and "this guy is just full of himself"? Exactly. These are exactly the Characteristics it takes to Take down an entire System of Slavery! Believing we cannot take back our Planet means that you are already living in a World of enslavement of psychopathic criminals. Now is the Time to choose - and to act. All of my Intentions are towards the Aim of Freedom. And I can guarantee that I will pull any Trigger and take any Actions necessary to get there together with my Human Family. 

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