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It's Time To Re:Imagine Our Story, Re:Ignite Our Hidden Potential, Re:Connect Our Tribe and Re:Create The Future We All Want To See.

Hosted by Mike Winner & Josh del Sol, Re:Union Summit is packed with over 40 earth-shifting, solutions-focused interviews, workshops, presentations, and panels recorded live in-person and online, with today’s most inspiring voices and new-generation leaders.

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If 25% of your longevity is determined by your genes, then what controls the other 75%? This special report by Sayer Ji and GreenMedInfo provides an overview of what science says, to date, about why we age and what we can do to pull back the reins on Father Time.

A large body of scientific evidence shows that our devices have the potential to cause a wide range of health effects such as headaches, anxiety, sleep disorders, infertility, dementia, and cancer.  Here are 3 simple steps by EMF expert Susan Busen that you can take right now to mitigate these harmful effects!

What if "Eat Right and Excercise" is not the key? Has our world made health and wellness far too difficult, expensive and complicated? What if the best tools are free, simple, and abundantly available? From the best selling book, "SuperWellness" by Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, get a comprehensive overview of the Six Key Dimensions of H.E.A.L.T.H. and become your best healer today.

Re:Union Summit host and co-founder, Mike Winner is all about building community, from local to universal, he believes it can all now be done easier than ever thanks to the interconnectivity of the internet and the will for humans to congregate, no matter the circumstances. We are social creatures for a reason, our very nature depends on connection with others, and so Mike and the Re:Union Summit team believe we must now more than ever reconnect and reignite with our fellow truth-minded, sovereign brothers and sisters to create the new communities we all want to see. Enjoy Mike's 6 steps to attract and manifest your ultimate vibe tribe when you register today.

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Presented By Alfa Vedic

A Revolutionary Sovereignty Summit

Recorded in front of a live audience in Joshua Tree, CA. this online event will give you all the information you need to understand:

  • The true nature of dis-ease and how each individual is different
  • How mastering our emotions effects our health in unimaginable ways
  • How to re-capture our sovereign status within the fictional realm
  • The debt-based system and how to re:invert it for a better world
  • Mastering our own breath to achieve superior health
  • Navigating the new technological systems of a decentralized world
  • The bio-terrain health paradigm and models for medicine within it
  • How to join our world-wide community of freedom-loving sovereigns

By attending this Summit you will gain powerful knowledge and learn practical solutions to take back your health and wellness, learn about your lawful rights and how to protect them, and discover innovative strategies for thriving in the years to come. Here you'll find your tribe, online and locally as we Re:Commune to Re:Imagine and Re:Create a beautiful new world.


Download exclusive offerings from some of the brightest minds on the planet joining us for this earth-shifting summit. By owning the Summit content permanently, you will also receive these bonus gifts valued at over $750. Upgrade to receive a limited edition branded flash card in the mail! Makes a great gift!

A deep personal journey of healing and self empowerment by The Certified Health Nut, Troy Casey, this memoir and healing guide is driven by Troy's 9-Pillar System for maximum human potential.  In this you'll learn how to:

- Fully Upgrade Your Thinking and Rewire Your Brain to Remove Negative Thinking Patterns

- Discover Exactly How to Release The Power Within

- The ONLY exercise you need to be lean, healthy, and become the portrait of the ideal human

- Breathing techniques that improve sleep quality, zap anxiety, and dismantle depression

- An easy practice to start and end your day with to inject an explosive dose of happiness into your being

Essentially Re:Union Summit is in many ways an extension of Alfacast and the topics Dr. Barre Lando, Mike Winner and their guests cover every week.  From the true nature of dis-ease and what it means to be men and women in this realm to the deeper esoteric truths of our reality, Alfacast is a treasure-trove of both mind-expanding knowledge and practical day-to-day solutions for those seeking freedom and true health sovereignty.  Get all 3 seasons with your All Access Pass or upgrade to have them delivered to you on a Re-Union Summit branded flash card!

Join Adam and Josh Bigelsen for an informative, exciting and empowering exclusive lecture on the philosophies of wellness and how it relates to the ‘Holographic Blood’. Eastern philosophy believes there are holograms in the eye, ear, foot, and tongue. The same can be said for the blood.  Learn how the blood lets us know what the body is most concerned about and how we can listen to its messages to truly know ourselves and how we heal.

With its 5 Biological Laws, Germanic New Medicine has the potential to revolutionize how we look at and work with the mind-body connection of 'dis-ease'.  In this exclusive e-book, Dr. Melissa Sell takes us through her journey of understanding about the Biological Programs, with its nuances and the insights she's gained from her years working within this new health paradigm.  It takes time to fully integrate and modify your perception based on this knowledge, and these bite sized essays are meant to help you more deeply comprehend the implications GNM has for your view of health.

Enjoy a carefully curated resource guide for "Luminous Kids & Families." A special gift from Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan.

In this PDF-guide, Dr. Edith shares with you 1) her Top 5 favorite books for kids, 2) her Top 5 favorite books for parents, 3) Top 5 inspiring films for Parents & Teens, 4) Top 5 movies that her 6yo luminous boy recommends, plus 5) receive an exclusive invite to her Luminous Parents program!

In this fascinating throwback to an age-old cure, Dr. Andrew Kaufman discusses the origin and healing properties of turpentine. He describes the principles of using turpentine safely to avoid cleansing reactions and how you can add this remedy to your home medical kit.  We hope you enjoy this exclusive gift for Re:Union Summit attendees.

Intentional movement, once a mainstay of daily life, has disappeared, taking away your vitality and well-being in the process. By honoring your body’s need for physical activity, and doing it interspersed with nature and meditation, you can reawaken a healthier, happier part of yourself that’s just waiting to be let out.  Enjoy this e-book from GreenMedInfo founder and author, Sayer Ji.  

Let me guess… you’ve tried it, but your monkey mind just won’t stop.  Kelly Brogan hears this almost every day, and is here to empower you. Meditation can be transformative (even addictive!), and she'll show you how to find your groove.   Here are three meditations for serious shifts when you need them — video demonstrations included.

Justin Frandson of EMF Rocks has been delivering solutions to counter the ill effects of man-made EMF radiation to his clients and friends for years. There are so many ways to connect to the healing pulse of the earth. In this exclusive e-book for Re:Union Summit attendees, Justin dives deep into some of his favorite techniques for grounding and recharging. In addition to how, he covers why we are different then man-made EMF, why we feel so good when we are grounded and some of the ways EMF affects us.

From natural law expert, Nathaniel-Harlan, The Truth Compendium for Conscious Living is a tool for raising the consciousness of men and women resistant to Truth by providing foundational reality mileposts as an introduction to the most damning information about the COVID-19 global 'pandemic'.  Use this toolkit to better navigate the current 'New Normal' world and avoid the specific pitfalls that come with it.  

Seeking an easy-to-understand, informative overview of the 5G Radiation issue?  Look no further as Nick "The EMF Guy" Pineault lays it all down here in a rational, calm manner for the regular Joe.  Get on top of this very important issue with this powerful guide!

Global Biodynamics  has become an impactful voice in the world of education, health, finance, organic farming, conservation, and more.  In this deeply thought-out e-book by Tom Barnett and team, we get much more than a book on liquid foods, we get a thought-provoking and yet practical recipe book for life.  Enjoy.

This special Inner Peace Webinar by Cru and Philipp Samor is designed to help you release deep / old baggage and transform your denser "energetic weight" into a lighter, more fulfilling future full of inner peace and happiness.  Access and expand your inner peace today! 



It's Time To Re:Imagine, Re:Build & Re:Connect at Re:Union 2021

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Mike Winner

Mike Winner is an independent producer and developer with a diverse background in technology, entertainment, live events and innovative new media.

For over 20 years he has explored alternative systems for the betterment of mankind. As a co-founder of Alfa Vedic, the QORTAL blockchain project and Music and Sky, he has made it his mission to bring game changing technology, entertainment and health sovereignty to the public.

He lives on the beautiful Smith River in Northern California with his wife and two sons where he enjoys his favorite life pursuits of fishing, farming and volunteering as a local fire fighter.

Josh del Sol

Josh del Sol is a rights advocate and filmmaker, known for hosting the 5G Summit, and the documentary Take Back Your Power, an expose on “smart” utility meters, which won the AwareGuide Transformational Film of the Year Award and the Leo Award for Best Feature Documentary. He is also a recipient of the Annual Humanitarian Award from Indie Fest.

In 2017, Josh co-founded InPower Movement, and has since pioneered several large advocacy initiatives to elected officials, including a May 2020 viral campaign which helped to stop the ultra-invasive TRACE ACT.

Living near Seattle, Josh is passionate about human rights, consciousness, decentralized energy, safe technology and fatherhood. His hobbies include hiking, research and travel.

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